About Us

Jewelry designer, Bonnie A. Doyle, has had a love of design since early childhood, spending countless hours in her father’s studio watching him design and create.  Her time in the fashion world modelling and her love for travel has served as great inspiration.  Her first foray into jewelry design was with her first company Gwen Delicious Jewelry Designs, its there that her customers kept asking for more jewelry that could hold special keepsakes, memories and special loved ones.  

That is were the inspiration for Just Vial came from.  Now she has designed and curated a collection of vials, lockets and secret necklaces that can hold a secret note, something that needs to be tucked away out of sight and that you want to wear close to your heart.  It also serves as a special place to hold the ashes of a special someone or pet.  

We have a variety of gorgeous canisters and capsules perfect to secretly keep your important piece close to you!

Calling beautiful Victoria, British Columbia home, she creates and designs pieces inspired by her love of all things vintage and antique along with a passion for clean and modern lines sharing her time between Gwen Delicious Jewelry Designs and now Just Vial.